Information and Advice about TeleHealth

General Information
TeleHealth or Telemedicine uses telecommunications technology to provide real-time health care to people at a distance, over the internet. The “real-time” part means you can converse naturally, unlike older technology which relied on email-type solutions, which could take hours or days between questions and answers.

How it Works
The method of communication varies. It might involve text messaging, phone conversation, or you can use an application allowing face-to-face contact with a smart phone, tablet or computer screen. This is preferred, as seeing the person you are having a conversation with allows for more and better communication.

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We’ll provide you with a link, or a address you type or copy/paste into the menu bar at the top of the browser screen you use with the internet.

At the time of your appointment you click on a link we send you and you’ll see a screen like the one shown above, which allows you to “check in” and tell your therapist you are ready for your virtual visit. To use our systems, you need a computer with that has a webcam and a microphone, an iPad or you can even use your mobile phone.

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